Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent: Lupita Senorita

Lent: Lupita Senorita

Lupita says that her mother is always telling her that she is beautiful despite growing up with a sense of inferiority over her dark complexion. Her mother. Drove her to confidence. Drove her to an inherent pride because of her dark skin rather than inspite of it. Her mother. Her joy. I wonder what that’s like. To have a mother who, despite weight gain after two babies, tells her daughter she’s extremely beautiful. Friends and acquaintances tell me I’ m beautiful all the time with an exceptional body. It would mean a lot if my mother did too.

Lupita. It’s important that we celebrate her during Lent so that we can thank God for the gifts He gives us and the dominance over our enemies. There are those, who in our careers, plant time bombs, expecting them to go off at the crest of our careers but no, instead the bombs blow off in their faces and we continue to Lupitanise over their insecurities. You will recognize the time bomb when the talking suddenly stops when you enter a room of your friends. They start talking loudly over each other about the apparent drought and dog’s poo. Your friends who you tirelessly wove from muck to meaning, from apathy to affluence.

You will recognize them when they steal your C.V, plant their name over it and get the award meant for you. You don’t gloat because it’s Lent and because it wastes time. You hope that they see that there is room for everyone at the top and they can stop scrambling. They detest you more with every increasing accolade. You pray for them because it’s lent. When Lent is over, you hope that they will stop scrimmaging in the graveyard of the dead sheroes and heroes, stealing their jewellery, hoping in vain that facebook journalists will notice their external loveliness, that no one will perceive that the jewellery they wear is stolen. You think about the relatives of the dead, who buried their loved ones in one last comfort. You want to give these desperate friends of yours some of your own adornments. They prefer the grave to life. They need counseling from Lupita


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