Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lessons Learned in 2013, by BNN

I have learned in 2013, that good friends do not always live close by. The pattern of your friendship is evident in the way you feel about each other.

Writers will most likely get more writing done if they vary their time with farmers, dancers, gymnasts, architects, pilots and market vendors. They do not have to do this for research but just to be human.

If you are constantly apologizing for someone’s unkindness towards you, then you have to check your self-esteem and valiantly walk away.

If you are not getting paid for your creative energy, ideas and what you love, then what you love may turn into what you hate.

There is a palpable difference between constructive criticism and criticism from detractors. Steer clear of the latter.

In this age of political correctness, it is still important to keep friends who truly celebrate your success.

Good social skills will take you a long way. There are those who may not understand but the majority will and you will receive a great reward.


Happy New Year

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