Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Gloves, extract from short story, by BNN

The first person to give a testimony after the break tea is a young gentleman. His trousers are a bit big and I can see his boxer shorts showing through. He has one earring on and is wearing a black waistcoat. His hair is very neatly shaven to the skin. He stands up to the microphone. “Good morning to you all. Some of you know me. My name is Rebecca Sengendo.” I almost drop the cake that is still in my mouth. This man is a woman. Or is Rebecca a man’s name as well? “I came with my partner Judith.” A tall woman with curves everywhere walks up to join Rebecca. They kiss each other on the lips Rebecca continues. “We would like to thank you so much for your support as fellow women. Many others look at us and they shun us. We have been chased out of our own homes. One time somebody stoned us and almost raped Judith. Another woman stole my briefcase which had all the money I had for the week. Many times I find rude notes stuck at the car window telling me to stop living with another woman or I will be killed. Thanks to you and other supporters, we got a house where we plan to adopt and raise two children. People see women with other women and think they are mad but we are normal people and we also have a right to live in this world like you.” Some women at the workshop begin to cry at this testimony. “Do we have another testimony?” ******************************************************************************** “Yes, Praise God.” A young lady jumps from her seat and hands me her handbag to keep for her. “Praise the Lord Brethren.” “Amen,” we respond. I look at the lady and feel very excited. I like it when people give testimonies. It encourages me so much. “Brethren,” The lady continues. “You all know that last week I almost died, Amen.” “Last week I became paralysed and could not walk for three days. The doctors could not diagnose anything and I knew that my end was near. Some of you came to hospital to see me and I could not recognize some of you. During those dark days, I waited for the Lord to take my life. I was not sure where I was going after that. However, The Lord decided that I should live and now I am here to testify. Praise the Lord.” “Amen,” we all answer; amidst a clap of hands. Gloves, extract from short story by Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

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